Introducing BitBox

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Features of BitBox

Privacy by design

Keep your private information secure and retain complete control over it. You share the data with others only with your authorization and within the boundaries set by you.

Secure from the ground up

The data is encrypted at the source of acquisition and stored as ciphertext. The communication channels are secured end-to-end. The entire system is protected by our patent-pending security technology.

User-friendly system

The easy-to-use interface will allow our users to take advantage of the benefits that their digital connected world offers, while simultaneously providing peace-of-mind about who is using their personal data.

Expandable by design

The BitBox system consists of hardware/software modules with specific functions, which are stackable. Depending on your need, you can add several storage modules for extra storage, various wireless protocols to enhance communication, or other accessories that expand functionality and features.

Aggregation of data

The fragmentation of users' personal data is eliminated. Personal data from every source (or sensors) is encrypted and pushed to a single storage space, with automated backup options.

Universal compatibility

Use of industry-standard wireless communication protocols ensures universal compatibility to connect mainstream sensors, mobile devices such as smartphones, and medical devices.

Inspiration behind BitBox design

The Endless Column, also referred to as the “Column of Infinite” is a masterpiece of modern art sculpture created by Constantin Brancusi (1876-1957). This is the inspiration behind the BitBox design and it captures the essence of our intended design. Brancusi’s endless column design highlights the idea of infinity with repetition of rhomboid shapes. The rhomboidal modules stacked up together form a very tall and narrow sculpture and gives the observers the sense of this sculpture being a stairway to infinity. The incomplete half top unit also enhances this concept of infinity with the idea of keeping the future open.

In our design, we incorporate a similar concept and shapes to highlight the infinite number of applications of the BitBox. Each of the modified rhomboid shapes in the BitBox design reflect a different application that can be added at the user's discretion, thus emphasizing the infinite potential. The BitBox design allows the user to add new modules as needed with many more applications that will become part of the future "Internet of Things."