Who We Are

BitCircle was formed in 2014 by seasoned business and technology professionals with strong track records in delivering software and hardware products in the wireless communication and healthcare sectors. The founders played a key role in the development of the cloud-based BlackBerry communication system, renowned for its high security and robust performance. Their expertise spans across multiple domains including cloud computing, mobile and embedded technologies, hardware/software R&D, and personal health products and services. Together, they have co-authored hundreds of patent applications and constantly maintain their proficiency in the advanced technology intersection of communications and embedded systems.

BitCircle is located in Waterloo Region in Canada, an innovation super-cluster containing three academic institutions, globally recognized research institutes, and a thriving business community comprising hundreds of established companies and start-ups.

Nagula Sangary, CEO

Nagula has been working in the wireless industry for over twenty five years in various capacities, successfully leading teams in wireless product development and in advanced research. His specific experience is in wireless communication systems, radio and antenna design, and electromagnetics. He also holds Adjunct Professorship positions in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Waterloo and McMaster University in Canada, and Central South University in China. Nagula holds the following degrees: MBA from University of Oxford (UK); Ph.D. and M.Sc.in Electrical Engineering from McMaster University (Canada) and B.Sc from Texas A&M University (USA).

Sean Simmons, Chief Technology Officer

Recently retired from RIM/Blackberry (1997-2013) where he was Director of the DSP Group, created the Office of CTO, and most recently, assumed the role of VP of System Optimization. Sean’s skills include: digital signal processing, audio (echo and noise control, dynamic range control, and codecs), sensors (sensor-fusion and on-line calibration), radio PHY layer modems (3GPP 2G/3G/4G), machine learning, compressed sensing, source and channel coding, security and identity, databases, compilers, algorithms, simulation, rapid prototyping, testing, root cause analysis, resource optimization (battery, memory and CPU cycles), parallel processing, problem space exploration, system design, architecture, protocol stacks (3GPP 2G/3G/4G, TCP/IP, SIP and RTP), IP based networks, embedded systems, and HW (digital, analog, and RF). Sean brings a depth of knowledge and breadth of understanding to complex problems which allow for the creation of robust, elegant, and original solutions. Sean has 100 patents granted and 35 patents pending. He holds the following degrees: M.A.Sc. (1987, University of Toronto, Aerospace) and B.A.Sc. (1984, University of Toronto, Engineering Science Computer/Electrical). Sean is a registered Professional Engineer in the province of Ontario.