A solution that empowers users to protect and control their digital ecosystem seamlessly.

BitCircle provides a unique, home-based, easy to use, secure personal cloud system.

How do we do it?

BitCircle provides a complete hardware and software solution with many unique, user-friendly applications covering healthcare/wellness, home automation and data backup/storage. We are focused on providing a complete private solution in which the user has 100% control over their personal digital information. The product is developed by harnessing leading-edge technologies available in the age of the Internet of Things (IoT), including wireless technologies, information security and encryption, and cloud computing. Our team is a group of experts in wireless communication, data security and domain expertise in many business sectors.

With our secure system, we provide end-to-end monitoring solutions with automated data collection, encryption, and storage. Our solution will include software applications that will allow the end user to connect multiple devices for healthcare/wellness, home automation, secure private storage and interfacing with private financial and insurance sectors.

The need for our solution:

Issue: Privacy and Security

Online privacy and security are major concerns for connected people in the age of the “Internet of Everything” (IoE), even while they are trying to enjoy the efficiencies offered by their connected products. Existing IoE systems are fragmented, with the risk of unsecured personal information scattered everywhere and shared without the owner’s knowledge. There is no other solution in the market that combines all of the personal information from every sensor, secures it and gives full control to the owner of that data.


With the enhanced Personal Cloud solution offered by BitCircle, our clients will have the ability to completely control, secure and store their personal information and freely utilize digital services without jeopardizing their own interests and valuable assets. With iron-clad security and encryption of all personal information and controlled access to data and storage in a private domain, risks are removed and hacking is eliminated.

Issue: Leveraging and sharing

Currently, an individual's personal data collected by sensors is typically pushed to third-party cloud systems. This data is being used (monetized) by the third party and the individuals are not being compensated appropriately for this. One explicit example is that some corporations rack individual purchasing patterns and use the information to practice behaviour-based price discrimination, or push individuals towards some company's products and services.


Fog computing ( a form of cloud computing, offered in closer proximity to the individual user) coupled with artificial-intelligence technologies, sensor data from the connected home as well as other personal data can stay within your domain (physical or virtual), thus giving control and potential for economic gain back to individuals. The decision-making power regarding personal data should always reside with the owner of the data and he/she should have the choice to monetize it in exchange for products and services.